Implementation of a server/client application in Java RMI and JavaFX to manage concurrent connections for managing a file system that accepts operations on users' text files.

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Original Course Instructions

I leave the original course instructions AS IS, so you can see that we actually don’t have professors in the university, and the level of professionalism and technicism they have is under any basic standard.

My course projects usually don’t have anything to do to what they do at class.

In these EPs/CPs I also *use* to worry more about developing concepts and philosophies to understand underlying fundamentals, focusing into quality instead of quantity. They will just check the superficials of assignments and don’t care whether it’s well done or wrong, or if students actually worked on the project as long as you show the project working superficially.

I just leaved my creativity flow to create this projects –homeworks on steroids–, so I passed the classes and created something useful for me into real life that gave me fun, knowledge, expertise for my portfolio, and much more because I’m always transforming the bad into something good for me and others intelligent enough to understand what I do and get benefited from it.

My standards are the most formalistic, so I doubt a random student will benefit from my works, but someone –at least– clever enough will, for sure.